Armonización Facial - Terapia Antienvejecimiento

Aging is a physiological process in which a series of modifications are presented as a consequence of the passage of time, the causes of aging are multifactorial, that is to say, they are paused or accelerated by many physiological stimulations such as environmental, genetic, and even cultural stimulation.

From the age of 25, the skin begins to change its protective barrier function progressively weakens, the exchange of oxygen in the cells slows down, the epidermis loses more and more moisture, and its elasticity decreases, As the years go by, the metabolism of dermal cells is becoming slower and slower, which influences the speed of collagen synthesis so that the firmness and elasticity of the skin will be reduced.

This process affects the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis, resulting in the progressive appearance of skin flaccidity, vascular and pigmentary alterations, accentuation of folds and grooves, etc. But certainly, it is the appearance of flaccidity, wrinkles, and blemishes, which is the most important sign of aging, and therefore the most worrying.

In our clinic we have dozens of procedures to reduce the aesthetic signs of aging, being through facial optimization that we achieve the best results.

Today the term facial optimization is taking more strength, this anti-aging technique seeks to reposition lost tissue, attenuate lines, give volume, and improve textures in the skin where is required, this is achieved only by the hand of a doctor expert in aesthetic medicine, who makes the right facial diagnosis. What is pursued are more natural results, highlighting the beauty of the face of the patient without changing its natural features.

With the help of Dr. Carolina Pérez, a facial diagnosis is made and optimizes the best result for the patient, we have many different treatments and in the perfect combination and ratio, we can give a fresh and rejuvenated look from the first session.

Among the most important treatments are:

  • Botox, fillers.
  • Tension threads.
  • Fotona 6D.
  • Laser Co2.
  • Oxygene.
  • Hydrafacial.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma.
  • Among others.

All our services are personalized, according to your need and go hand in hand with our expert Dr. Carolina Perez.

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