Fillers (Hyaluronic Acid)

The fillers are a great option to effectively, quickly and comfortably correct wrinkles and small folds of the skin, such as crow’s feet, shiners, barcode (wrinkles on the top of the lip), etc.

Infiltration of the filling, in terms of depth and quantity of product, varies depending on the type of skin and the problem to be treated. In general, the products that are injected replace certain substances that are naturally found in the skin, but that have been deteriorating due to external aggressions and the passage of years, such as hyaluronic acid. Infiltration is carried out under local anesthesia, although it is true that the latest advances in filling materials tend to incorporate it.

There is a wide range of biocompatible substances, similar in texture and elasticity to the connective tissue of the organism very effective and safe, with which areas of the facial contour can be modified. The medical professional will advise and determine the use of one type of filling or another after studying the characteristics and needs of the patient.


Thanks to these almost painless treatments, which only take 15 to 30 minutes in the doctor’s office, a quick and very satisfactory aesthetic result is achieved. In addition, one of its main advantages is that the patient can immediately return to their daily activities. No special care should be maintained, only a sunscreen is enough. The main advantage of this treatment is that the results obtained are immediate.

There are several types of fillers. Our medical professionals will advise you which one is best for you.

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