Erchonia Lúnula® Laser

Its the only laser approved by the United States FDA and with clinical studies to treat nail fungus on the hands or feet.

Lúnula, has revolutionized low-intensity lasers bringing new hope to people suffering from painful, discolored and disfigured nails associated with onychomycosis or nail fungus. Onychomycosis is a very difficult disease to treat. Existing oral medications are linked to serious health risks and side effects, including the possibility of destroying the liver.

Stop suffering from the discomfort of unsightly nail fungus. This incredible technology has arrived in Costa Rica! and we have it in our clinic CSI Clínica Salud Integral.

The advantages of the LUNULA Laser:

  • 100% sure
  • It uses two types of low-level laser light to painlessly kill nail fungus and enhance the immune system.
  • Unique non-contact laser so there are no burns.
  • It takes only 12 minutes.
  • Few sessions are required (4 sessions on average).
  • No pills.
  • No downtime.
  • Can be applied to children.

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