Our Oxypeel is a super novel, non-invasive dermo cosmetic treatment for the skin, which combines cleansing, removal of impurities, peeling and hydration in the same session.

The unique and patented application of hydrojets of antioxidants serums, peptides, trace elements (oligo elements) and vitamins, give the skin a healthy and rejuvenated appearance.

Oxypeel is:

  • Cleaning and peeling:  facilitates the removal of dead cells. Renew the skin through a gentle exfoliation and a relaxing regeneration process.
  • Extraction and hydration: Removes impurities from pores through painless suction. Nourishes the skin with intense hydration of vitamins and trace elements(oligo elements) thanks to the action of the water jets in contact with the skin
  • Fusion and protection:  Repairs the surface of the skin with antioxidants and peptides to achieve an incredible luminosity.

The sensation achieved with Oxypeel is a renewed, soft, hydrated, revitalized and radiant skin, from the first session.

Previous indications:  come without makeup preferably.

Subsequent indications: it does not produce pain or redness in the area to be treated, it is a non-invasive process so it does not leave bruises or edema on the skin, the application of sunscreen for daily use should accompany any skin rejuvenation treatment, as well as a suitable accompanying treatment for use at home according to the skin’s needs.

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