Luminosity peeling.

This peeling consists of the application of a chemical on the skin surface, in order to produce a renewal of the skin surface layers. This promotes a gentle peeling of the epidermis and promotes positive changes such as the formation of new collagen and skin-specific fibers. Glycolic acid peeling has a high degree of tolerance, minimizing the risk of possible side effects.

We use this technique to treat all skin problems that may benefit from an accelerated renewal of the superficial epidermis, such as sunspots and skin showing signs of aging. It is indicated for people with acne sequelae or mild photoaging marks.


After a few days, a stiffening of the epidermis occurs and a subsequent peeling resulting in new skin. Of course, it is necessary to apply sun protection in the treated area. The results are highly visible with the appearance of renewed and smooth skin, looking young and with an extraordinary improvement in its texture.

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