Plasma Pen the integral solution for skin treatments PLaxPot®

It is the newest, safest and most effective tool to treat excess skin and wrinkles in a non-surgical way.

How does Plasma Pen work?

Plasma Pen uses an electric arc to generate plasma. Plasma is responsible for the formation of new collagen and is today one of the safest ways to produce skin retraction. Its application is comfortable for the patient. After the application, the area appears with a small scab and, perhaps some inflammation, which ends up disappearing in less than a week.

The results of aesthetic improvement will be visible in a period of approximately 1 month. This is the period that the skin has to regenerate.

Benefits in body and facial treatments:

  • Improvement of sagging around the navel caused by pregnancy.
  • In the neck: Treatment with plasma in the area of the neck and jowl will remove excess skin and by the effect of thermocontraction that will also stimulate collagen regeneration naturally, getting tighten the skin and producing a lifting effect.
  • On the forehead: we manage to correct the wrinkles (superficial and/or deep) of the upper facial third, caused by gestures.
  • The periocular area: decreases the sagging of the eyelids and eye bags (by tightening skin) and attenuates or eliminates the so-called “crow’s feet”.
  • Perioral zone: with this new but controlled technology we will treat these areas to reduce wrinkles, being able to use it in combination with other techniques to attenuate, diminish, eliminate vertical wrinkles that form around the mouth “bar codes”, which accentuate the loss of lip volume.
  • Also in nasogenic furrows that originate when the tissues of the cheeks descend over time.
  • In stretch marks of all parts of the body, it has an important role to improve them because they can be corrected accurately and controlled.

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