Tensioning threads: facial lift without scalpel

Some people call it “magic threads”, it is a medical treatment, minimally invasive, and painless with very visible natural results. When we get old our skin loses firmness and elasticity, due to loss of collagen and facial fat. All this leads to the dreaded sagging and unwanted wrinkles. The most affected areas of the face are usually the cheeks, eyebrows, and other areas around the eyes, neck, and chin. Reabsorbable tensioning threads are an excellent choice to minimize these effects.

Advantages of using tensioning threads:

  • Raises eyebrows and cheeks.
  • Tighten the neck.
  • Blurs front wrinkles and eye contours.

How are the tensioning threads applied?

It is a very safe technique, painless and with immediate results. Through local anesthesia, and the insertion of the threads into the dermis with a fine needle, and the cutaneous tightening is achieved, the advantage of this procedure is that it does not require rest after application, nor general anesthesia. The patient can resume his daily activity after the session, without having to follow any postoperative procedure.

The threads are made of a fully compatible biological compound and reabsorbable by the body, which does not produce allergies. The effects of the tensioning threads are instantaneous and it is possible to firm and strengthen the skin of the treated area, giving it a very natural and healthy appearance. The definitive result is obtained when the new collagen and elastin are formed, between 1 and 2 months after the application of the treatment.


  • Its effects are immediate and a very noticeable and lasting facial rejuvenation is achieved, which can be up to several years.
  • The expression of the face does not change, achieving a very natural result.
  • Does not require any hospitalization, or special preparation before the procedure.
  • Stimulates the natural proliferation of collagen in the dermis.
  • After the tensioning threads are applied, they are not visible or noticeable.
  • Tensor threads, being composed of a biological material, are reabsorbed naturally within 6 to 8 months and do not produce any allergies.
  • Can be applied together with other types of aesthetic treatments, such as platelet-rich plasma, radiofrequency, etc.
  • May be re-applied as necessary.

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