TriLipo by Pollogen

TriLipo is the most advanced technology available on the market for fat reduction. Patients reluctant to surgery can finally get the results they’ve been waiting for. Immediate and long-term results!

Clinically proven, TriLipo acts effectively and safely in the removal of unwanted localized fat deposits. TriLipo does not require rest or recovery time. It is an outpatient treatment, pleasant and easy, patients can immediately resume their daily routine.

Clinical effect of TriLipo™

Radio Frequency (RF) energy heats fat in the subcutaneous layers. The thermal effect accelerates the natural process of fat metabolism producing the release of liquid fat from adipocytes to extra cellular tissue. The patented Maximus™ applicator accelerates the drainage of the liquid fat released by applying both external and internal pressure on the fat cells’ layers. Internally, the pulse energy is directed to the muscle causing its contraction. This contraction elevates the muscle by pushing the fat cells to the surface. Simultaneously, the mechanical pressure of the applicator presses on the fat cell from above. The result is a “compression” effect that induces the drainage of fat liquid and decreases  adipocytes volume.

The combined effect of RF and muscle contraction causes a deep and homogeneous warming of the dermal and hypodermic layers. This heating accelerates blood and lymphatic circulation by optimizing the oxygenation and tissue detoxification.

In the dermal layer, the focused energy of RF heats the collagen fibers causing their contraction. As collagen fibers are pulled together and grouped together, the skin immediately becomes tenser and softer. In parallel, the caloric effect accelerates the metabolism of fibroblast, increasing new collagen’s formation, producing skin toning results in the long term.

  • Pleasant, fast and “walk-in-walk-out”.
  • Long-term decrease in girth and body remodeling.
  • Muscle toning and stretching.
  • Increased blood circulation and oxygenation.
  • Optimal Detoxification
  • Visible results from the first session.
  • Clinically tested.
  • Non invasive.

The most effective current method for treating sagging of the body, face and neck.

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