Fotona 6D

Rejuvenation Fotona 6D

Fotona 6D is a revolutionary treatment for rejuvenation and facelift. It is the unique combination of 2 types of laser (Erbium: YAG and Neodymium: YAG), which treat all layers of skin in the same session, improving collagen of deep, medium and superficial structures, as well as localized imperfections.

The 6D laser treatment of Fotona allows the contraction of collagen in all its thickness for a persistent stretching and volumizing, without the need for injectables. The combination of these 6 unique modes and two complementary wavelengths results in an excellent SmoothLifting treatment.


  • Non-invasive, results from the first session.
  • On the face reduces wrinkles and expression lines significantly.
  • Improves texture, tightens and lifts the skin.
  • Lightens and unifies skin tone.
  • Visible results from the first session.
  • Treat all skin layers to achieve superior results.
  • Significantly decreases adipose tissue so it has excellent use for decreased measurements and cellulite
  • Does not require disability time.
  • Can also be used preventively before the first signs of aging.

The most effective current method for treating sagging of the body, face and neck.

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